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Chess Has Been My Passion for Over 25 Years and I'm Excited to Share My Official FIDE International Chess Grandmaster Experience with You Through My Multiple Levels of Chess Courses, Live Chess Lessons and My Chess Shop. Welcome to Chess District!

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Why Was Chess District Created?

After many years of enjoying my passion for chess I noticed that it's very hard to find one online gathering point for all chess lovers where they would be able to learn how to play chess, develop their chess skills and buy all chess products....that is why Chess District was born.

Finding the ideal place for chess tutoring for children and adults can be a daunting task. That's why Chess District was created to ensure that everyone can learn to play chess with the guide of a FIDE certified chess teacher and grandmaster player in a fun and safe online environment.

Our chess lessons and courses are segmented to fit the needs of children and adults, from complete beginners to advanced chess club players.

With Chess District you will learn all about strategical chess moves, the best chess openings, defence tactics, middle game and the most popular chess end games.

Discover our selection of live chess lessons, online chess courses and our chess shop below!

Find our more about my accomplishments and official status with the International Chess Federation

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What does it take to play against a Chess World Champion?

While i was moving up through the global chess ranks, i had the pleasure to play against the 2021 Chess World Champion - Vishy Anand as part of the German Chess League. It was a life changing experience which allowed me to elevate my chess teaching skills and improve the lessons curriculum for my students

Why Should You Learn Chess?

We all know that chess is a fun and interesting game but the goal of learning chess is to improve your life, not merely to become a master of the game. Chess may enhance your cognitive ability, social skills, and general well-being whether you're a youngster or an adult.

Chess fosters the growth of analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities that are beneficial in all areas of life.

Additionally, it encourages resilience, patience, and inventiveness. Chess can enhance children's social and academic abilities. Adults may find it to be a challenging and entertaining hobby that also enhances their memory and mental flexibility.

One-on-one chess sessions with a well-known grandmaster instructor can not only help you learn chess, but also enrich your life in a variety of other ways.

Live Chess Lessons

Our Live Chess Lesson Program is Tailored for Children and Adults of All Ages and All Experience Levels. We offer Online Individual Chess Lessons or Group Chess Lessons Depending on the Student's Requirement

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Chess Courses

Our Courses Are Following Official FIDE Chess Guidelines and They Are Segmented Into Difficulty Levels so that All Students Start Their Chess Learning Journey at the Appropriate Level

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Explore our Wide Range of Premium Chess Boards, Chess Sets, Chess Pieces and Various Chess Accessories. Enjoy Express Delivery Worldwide and Take Advantage of Our Frequent Promotions

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