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Our aim is to bring convenience and quality to all chess enthusiasts around the world. A one of a kind space where chess courses are available for people of all ages and all skill levels, supporting them with live classes to further expand their chess game and a premium chess shop for all their chess board and chess accessory needs

The Chess District Story

Hello, my name is Nikola Nestorović, I have been playing chess for more than 25 years and my passion for chess led me to become a certified FIDE Chess Trainer and International Chess Grandmaster.

Coming from a family of Chess masters, I was hooked to the game early on in my childhood. It all started by playing with my brother and sister but as soon as i was old enough, I joined a chess academy where my chess knowledge started expanding. Over the years I had the pleasure to teach chess to many bright minds, some of which are also today official FIDE trainers. The two proudest moments of my career are when I became a Chess Grandmaster at the end of 2015 and officially I became certified FIDE Chess Trainer in 2018. Until now I managed to accomplish most of my playing goals, winning some epic chess battles in the most prestigious leagues in Europe and currently I'm a proud member of Sport Club Augsburg which is competing in the German First League - Bundesliga.

What does it take to play against a Chess World Champion?

While i was moving up through the global chess ranks, i had the pleasure to play against the 2021 Chess World Champion - Vishy Anand as part of the German Chess League. It was a life changing experience which allowed me to elevate my chess teaching skills and improve the lessons curriculum for my students

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My Achievements

2023 National Chess Champion - Head Coach

Lead the preparation and training as head coach of the new Serbian National Chess Champion

2022 Rosenheim Norm Tournament

Tournament Winner, Rosenheim-Germany

2022 Secrets of Positional Sacrifice

Published my second book which talks about benefits of the positional sacrifice in chess

2019 Serbian Senior Chess Championship

Finished 2nd in the national Top 10 premier chess event

2018 FIDE Certified Coach

Finalizing the FIDE academy and earning my official coach title

2016 Chess Grandmaster Title

Accomplished my third grandmaster norm

2014 Transatlantic Chess Cup

First board and Team Captain of the Serbian University Chess Team in Dallas-Texas

2004 Summer Universiade

Proud member of the Serbian University Chess Team

Why Was Chess District Created?

After many years of enjoying my passion for chess i noticed that it's very hard to find one online gathering point for all chess lovers where they would be able to learn how to play chess, develop their chess skills and buy all chess products....that is why Chess District was born!

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