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Despite the chess game being globally popular, the majority of people don’t fully understand the basic rules, main opening moves and checkmate tactics. Scrolling through countless pages and hours of videos from various non-certified chess enthusiasts can seem like you are just going in circles and not really elevating your game. That’s why a structured learning approach by a global FIDE (International Chess Federation) certified chess grandmaster coach is the only way to go if you truly want to lean and master the game.

Over the past 25 years of playing chess, teaching my students and competing in the world’s top chess leagues, I learned what it takes to fully comprehend the requirements and steps needed to learn the chess game both for personal pleasure and in order to gain enhanced mental flexibility which benefits my every day life.

I created Chess District so that I can pass on my chess grandmaster skills to both children and adults using the chess learning curriculum from FIDE. With chess courses from Chess District, every student will get a change to follow my footsteps and achieve total chess domination against any opponent.

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