Individual Chess Lessons - Chess District
Individual Chess Lessons - Chess District

Individual Chess Lessons - Nikola

With over 25 years of chess passion, Nikola is a certified FIDE International Chess Grandmaster and FIDE Chess Trainer. During his years of experience, he has won Chess Championships, played in some of the worlds most prestigious chess leagues, trained chess players from Shanghai to New York and even published his own chess book.

As an experienced chess grandmaster with a FIDE rating of 2482, Nikola’s main strength is preparing chess students for more advanced chess techniques, focusing on openings, middlegame strategies and mastering the endgame. 

Who should book a lesson with Nikola?

  • If you’re an experienced player and want to improve your chess skills to reach competition level
  • You are an active player on and but you want to improve your Elo
  • You are already a member of a chess club and you want to elevate your game to a senior level
  • You want to start competing in tournaments and you need an experienced coach to prepare you for the process
  • Your long term goal is to reach Grandmaster level

The Chess District lessons with Nikola include:

  • Duration: Each session is a 60 minute 1-on-1 chess lesson online 
  • Personalized Chess Tutoring: Each student gets their own teaching agenda for long term growth, structured in a series of individual chess lessons
  • Flexibility: One-on-one chess classes can be planned at a time that works for the student, providing more convenience and flexibility
  • Curriculum: Following the official FIDE curriculum and tailored to individualized student requirements
  • Learning Materials: Access to professional chess learning materials
  • Discount: New Chess District members get 20% off on our online courses
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What do other people say?

As a beginner with some experience, the Beginner course is a great introduction to chess! Nikola presents the basics in a clear, simple understanding and does a great job of setting a relaxed and focused pace for learning. His examples and work are shown in a step-by-step visual format and he has crafted an effective way to teach that makes learning fun and engaging.
This course took me 3 hours to complete. Before this course I was having trouble with castling and understanding some basic fundamentals of how the pieces interact. I can confidently say this course has given me exactly what I needed to strengthen my game and move forward with my passion for chess.

Marz Blanton

Bothell, Washington


Nikola was the first coach I had in the master years of my playing career. He inspired me with his creativity and joy for the game. He taught me the importance of playing serious openings, and what it meant to show professionalism in chess. He is a very caring coach who knows how to have a good laugh, but also take the necessary steps when it comes to constructive criticism. I’m now an IM with 2 GM norms making my own pursuit of the GM title, and I am still very grateful for the confidence Nikola was able to instill in my play.

chess district review
Josiah Stearman

California, USA


I know Nikola for 10+years and I always admired his professionalism and methodical based approach to chess and detailed preparation for each game. While we were exchanging ideas before, it only recently struck me that he would be a great fit for my team, both personally and chess wise. He was a crucial part of my successful quest in winning the 4th national chess title.

chess district review 2
Aleksandar Indjic

Belgrade, Serbia


I’ve been doing lessons with Nikola for over a year and his style of coaching continues to challenge me and make me a better player. Between his training tools and breadth of chess knowledge, I’ve been thoroughly pleased with the coaching I’ve received. He is flexible and understanding and can be both instructional and motivational when you need. Im grateful to have met Nikola and continue to be learning chess with him!

chess district review 3
Orry Marciano


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